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Corporate Responsibility

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  • Eco-Friendly Printing: All our product packaging now uses sustainable soy-based ink, an easily recyclable alternative to traditional petroleum-based ink.

  • Optimized Packaging Design: We reduced packaging size to limit material waste, effectively minimizing our environmental footprint. 

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  • Introducing Vegan Leather: Many of Satechi's new products include vegan leather, an eco-friendly substitute to regular leather that produces lower carbon emissions.  

  • Qi2 Portfolio with Recycled Materials: The Qi2 series now features 97% recycled aluminum, reflecting our ongoing commitment to environmental consciousness. 

  • Environmentally Friendly Charging Solutions: Our charging devices incorporate GaN technology, reducing product size and minimizing material usage.

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  • Plastic and PFCA Reduction Commitment: Besides substantially reducing plastic usage, the Satechi team is committed to eliminating perfluorinated chemicals (PFCAs) from all our products. We plan to utilize 100% recycled materials in all our sustainable packaging solutions by 2024.

  • Designed With the Planet in Mind: Our team is focused on decreasing product size and enhancing product versatility. We want our customers to enjoy more sustainable, adaptable products that improve their everyday lives without negatively impacting the environment. 

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  • Platinum partnership with San Diego Coastkeeper, whose mission is to maintain local beaches.

  • Partnered with Urban Corps San Diego County to responsibly recycle obsolete products.

  • Developed a partnership with San Diego Unified School District to support technology products.

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