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Nov '17

4 Satechi Accessories Guaranteed to Dress Up Your Desk Setup

SAN DIEGO- (November 10, 2017)- Your work is only as good as your setup. Add a few touches to your setup that bring your space to life- sparking those creative juices to get flowing, resulting in quality work. Start with these four Satechi accessories that are not only functional, but stylish- you will have a setup that makes you feel like a boss in no time.

1. Aluminum Monitor Stand

Give your work space a grander feel by elevating your monitor. Simply place the computer screen on a Satechi Aluminum Monitor Stand, and your set up will instantly feel open and modern. Its minimal design helps provide a clutter free atmosphere. Because the stand provides space underneath, it helps present a larger work space. With an elevated monitor, you will be able to have better posture while working on projects, which can lead to improved workflows.

2. Aluminum Lightning Charging Stand

We all need to charge our phones and have them near by while working. Why not organize your space and add a sleek touch by displaying your smartphone and charging it at the same time? The Satechi Lightning Stand provides power and cable management to your smartphone. Not only does it charge your smartphone, it also allows easy access while working on projects at your desk. Its modern design adds a stylistic aesthetic to your space- not just a stand or a way to charge you device, but a piece of art as well.

3. Bluetooth Aluminum Wireless Headphones/ Aluminum Slim Headphone Stand

Nothing adds more style to your work space than a pair of clean headphones and a stand to display them. The Satechi Wireless Headphones are perfect to have on your desk because of their Bluetooth capability. No need to worry about wires or cords adding clutter to your space. The modern design of both the headphones and the stand will definitely take you office space up a notch. Plus, feeling stressed? Then throw on your headphones and relax or jam out to your favorite tunes.

4. Mouse Pad

Ordinary mouse pads can instantly downgrade your space and make your desk feel more cluttered than it actually is. The Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad has a minimal design that keeps your work space feeling neat and orderly. Mouse pads are an easy accessory to help enhance your space- the Satechi Aluminum Mouse Pad will effortlessly bring a sophisticated, modern, and sleek touch to your desk.

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