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Oct '22

5 Steps to Organize Your Workspace (And Keep It That Way)

With the start of a new season, it’s common to feel an urge to organize things in your life. Out with the old and in with the new! One area where organization is a major contributing factor to productivity is your workspace. Sure, you can clean your office every day, but if you don’t have a solid system in place, it will quickly go back to being a mess.   

Luckily, we have some tips that make staying organized easy. Read on for five steps to organize your workspace (and keep it that way). 

Get Rid of Everything You Don’t Need

The first step to reaching your organization goals is to do an ‘office purge.’ This helps you decide what items to keep or throw out. You can do it by going through every single item in your workspace and asking yourself these three questions: 

“Is this item improving my life?” 

“Have I used this often in the past year?” 

“Would I buy this again if I got rid of it?” 

If you don’t immediately answer “yes” to the questions, then it’s time to part ways with the item.  

Find a Spot for Everything 

Clutter is the result of not having a designated spot for things. If you want to say goodbye to clutter for good, then you need to find a home for the items in your workspace. One great way to organize the devices you keep in your office is by purchasing a charging station. This way, you have a place to put your devices at the end of the day and they will be charged for the next workday. 

The most ideal charging station for family homes, co-working spaces, and classrooms is the Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station. It powers up to five USB devices at the same time with two USB-C PD ports, two USB-A ports, and a designated Qi wireless charging pad. 

For those who have AirPods, an Apple Watch, and an iPhone 12 or newer, you should consider the 3-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand. No Apple Watch? No problem. The 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand provides an exclusive spot for your AirPods and iPhone. If you would rather have your devices lying flat as they charge, then we recommend our Trio Wireless Charger with Magnetic Pad.   

Separate Work from Play

Working from home makes it especially hard to separate your workspace from your living space. For example, if your home office is in your bedroom, you can easily get your non-work-related items mixed into your workspace. You might come across dirty dishes from last night’s dinner or notice some toys your kids left behind and be tempted to clean during work hours. When you organize your office in a way that separates work from play, you’ll be able to focus on work without distractions. 

Manage Wires

Wires look messy, so you’ll need to hide them in order to maintain the sleek, clean workspace you desire. Laptop stands are the perfect solution to minimize the look of cords and condense the space your devices take up, creating a clean aesthetic. We recommend the Dual Vertical Laptop Stand, which has two slots to keep your devices upright, tidy, and within reach, all while looking sleek and sturdy. 

iPad users might want to consider a stand as well. The Aluminum Desktop Stand is a great option because it has slots at the bottom of the holder, so you can connect your charging cord and easily be able to tuck it behind your desk. It also looks great on any desk and has adjustable hinges for optimal viewing angles. 

Quick Daily Cleanup

The final step to keeping your workspace organized is to take a short amount of time to tidy it each day. If you follow all the previous steps, it shouldn’t take more than five minutes. Before closing out your day, scan your workspace to see if you’re leaving any clutter around. Throw out any garbage and clean up any spills that accumulated throughout the day.  

To make this step easier, consider adding the Eco-Leather Deskmate to your setup. Its water-resistant material protects your area from unwanted spills and makes cleaning up a breeze! Plus, its sleek design adds style to any desk setup. 

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