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Oct '22

Add A Pop of Color to Your Setup with These Accessories

Your work environment plays a significant role in keeping you engaged and motivated. It’s where you spend most of your day, so why wouldn’t you make it a desirable place to be? Of course, there are many ways to improve your workspace, but one great option is to add some color

“Studies have shown colors don’t just change our moods. They can actually impact productivity levels as well,” Lasse Karvinen, Head of Product at Framery, states in a Forbes article.  

Decorating is also a great form of self-expression, so have fun with it! Not sure where to start? Continue reading to discover the colorful and functional accessories Satechi has to offer. 

If you’re not a fan of color, you probably know someone who is! Consider gifting a loved one a colorful tech accessory this holiday season. 

Dual Sided Eco-Leather Deskmate 

The Dual Sided Eco-Leather Deskmate is the perfect statement piece to add to any setup. It looks stylish while protecting your workspace with its durable Polyurethane leather that makes cleaning up spills a breeze. It’s available in three modern color variations: Pink/Purple, Orange/Yellow, and Green/Blue. The best part is that if you get tired of one color, you can just flip it to the other side! 

Pink or Blue M1 Bluetooth Mouse 

If you’re looking to add a subtle pop of color, then the Blue or Pink M1 Wireless Mouse is the perfect accessory for you because no setup is complete without a mouse that feels comfortable and looks sleek. The Satechi M1 Bluetooth Mouse features Bluetooth 4.0 connection, a rechargeable Type-C port, and a modern, ergonomic design. Connect your favorite Bluetooth-enabled device for up to 32 ft of wireless control. 

Blue Slim Dock for 24” iMac 

Designed to sit flush with the 24” 2021 iMac, the Blue USB-C Slim Dock looks stunning in an all-blue setup but is also great for adding a splash of color to a silver setup. It features a built-in NVMe SATA enclosure to add external storage to your iMac. Additionally, it provides convenient access to your favorite ports and peripherals with a 10 Gbps USB-C data port, 10 Gbps USB-A data port, 2 x USB-A 2.0 ports, and micro/SD card reader slots. This dock is a great way to upgrade your iMac’s functionality with a plug-and-play design while creating a colorful aesthetic so you can enjoy your workday a little bit more. 

Blue USB-C Clamp Hub for 24” iMac 

Another colorful accessory designed to fit the 24” 2021 iMac is the Blue USB-C Clamp Hub. Like the Slim Dock, it provides convenient access to your most-used ports and peripherals. However, instead of sitting at the base of your iMac, it attaches directly to the bottom of the screen. The ports included in the sleek design are a USB-C data port, three USB-A 3.0 data ports, and micro/SD card readers. 

Blue USB-C Combo Hub for Desktop  


Not an iMac user but still want to add functionality & color to your setup? The Blue USB-C Combo Hub is compatible with a wide range of other devices, including MacBook Pro M2, MacBook Air M2, Microsoft Surface Go, Google Chromebook, Studio Display, etc.   

This hub has a sleek, metallic design that looks great on any desk. It expands a single USB-C port into three USB 3.0 data ports and micro/SD card readers, so you can connect a USB thumb drive, quickly transfer large files, download movies, back up your computer with fast transfer speeds, and more. 

Blue R1 Aluminum Hinge Holder 

Once you start using a stand for your smartphone or tablet, you’ll never go back. The R1 Aluminum Hinge Holder elevates your smaller devices for an optimal viewing experience, which makes tasks such as editing, taking notes, designing graphics, and taking Zoom calls much more seamless.  

It’s made from solid aluminum and the supporting grips are finished in rubber to hold your device securely without scratching it. Obviously, to add color to your workspace, we recommend the Blue version. 

NEW Purple & Blue USB-C to USB-C 100W Charging Cables  

The Satechi USB-C to USB-C Charging Cable is now available in two brand new vibrant colors that match the Purple and Blue 24” iMac perfectly, so if you have either iMac, you can create a color cohesive setup. The cables are also a great subtle pop of color when added to a more neutral aesthetic. 

They feature USB-C connectors on each side, which support Power Delivery (up to 100W) and data transfer (up to 480 Mbps) between USB Type-C smartphones, tablets, and laptops. 

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