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Jun '22

Best Satechi Products For Father’s Day Gifts

Before you even pat yourself on the back for giving your mother the best Mother’s Day gift, you need to start thinking about your father. This year (2022), Father’s Day will be celebrated on the 19th of June. You need to make sure that you buy something that your dad will love!

That’s why we have rounded up a list of the best Father’s Day gifts. It’ll allow you to choose the best gift to give your father to make your bond stronger.

8-in-2 Type-C Pro Hub Max Adapter

If your father is a Mac user, there’s nothing better than an 8-in-2 Satechi Type-C Pro Hub Max Adapter. It supports all M1 MacBook models and offers the complete functionality of USB-4, USB-C Data, USB-A 3.0 Data, Micro SD/SD port, and audio jack.

It connects to the two USB Type-C ports that a MacBook has. However, it comes with an extra component that allows the user to connect it using just one USB Type-C port. It’s specially designed for MacBook laptops to complete their ports, and it’s available in two different colors.

The main USB 4 port of this adapter offers up to 100-watt charging along with up to 40 Gbps data transfer rate and up to 6K 60Hz display output. The one HDMI port supports up to 60hz refresh rate at 4K video. The best thing about this product is that it comes with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Trio Wireless Charger with Magnetic Pad

If your dad is a tech lover, consider buying him the Satechi Trio Wireless Charger with Magnetic Pad this Father’s Day. It comes with a magnetic pad that simplifies wireless charging for a range of devices. It’ll ensure that your father’s devices never run out of charge.

It is equipped with a fast-charging capability and offers intelligent safety features as well. The charging pad can quickly start powering AidPods Pro at 5-watt, Apple Watch at 2.5-watt, and Qi-enabled smartphones at 7.5-watt all at the same time. It’s an ideal gift for your tech-loving dad’s on-the-go lifestyle.

One of the best features of this product is that it’s smartphone case friendly. It can charge smartphones that are wrapped in up to 5 millimeters thick cases. Additionally, it also comes with a temperature protection feature and FOD (foreign object detection). You also get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty with the Trio Wireless Charger with Magnetic Pad.

Quatro Wireless Power Bank

The Satechi Quatro Wireless Power Bank is the best gift for all dads who travel a lot. It’s a powerful device that has a gigantic 10,000mAH battery and combines the best of both wireless and portable charging. It’s a Qi wireless charger that comes with a USB-A port to charge devices at 12-watt, a USB-C PD port featuring 18-watt input/output, and a built-in charger for Apple Watches.

The best thing about this power bank is that it’s compatible with a range of devices including AirPods, AirPods Pro, Apple Watch Series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, SE, and 6, iPhone 8 to 11 (all models), iPad Air 2020, and iPad Pro 2018/2020. You also get a one-year manufacturer’s warranty with this power bank to protect your investments.

2-In-1 Headphone Stand with Wireless Charger

If your dad has a work-from-home setup, he would already be using a pair of headphones for his online meetings. You should get him the Satechi 2-In-1 Headphone Stand with Wireless Charger. Not only will it help your dad to store his headphones safely while they’re not being used but it’ll also allow him to keep his smartphone charged all the time.

The dual-purpose stand is made of premium-quality durable stainless steel that will add beauty and character to your dad’s setup. It comes with a USB Type-C charging port that can charge a wide range of headphones with 5-watt charging. The charger also supports an easy magnetic connection for iPhone 13 and 12 with MagSafe support and charges them at up to 7.5-watt.

Dual Vertical Laptop Stand

The Satechi Dual Vertical Laptop Stand is yet another perfect gift for working dads to manage their work setup in style. It’ll allow your father to keep his workstation tidy all the time and he’ll also have all of his devices within reach. The stand comes with a two-in-one design that not only supports iPads and MacBooks but can also be used for almost all types of tablets and laptops.

The stand also has a sturdy and well-balanced base to protect delicate electronics by keeping them in place. It features an internal silicon mat that provides a solid protective grip and prevents unwanted nicks and scratches. The Satechi Dual Vertical Laptop Stand also features the company’s standard one-year warranty.

Dual Sided Eco-Leather Deskmate

If your father’s work desk doesn’t have a desk mat, the Satechi Dual Sided Deskmate will make for a perfect gift for him. It’s an elegant product that will allow your dad to protect his desk and devices. The Satechi Deskmate is made of premium-quality PU (Polyurethane) leather and offers a water-resistant surface.

Additionally, it can be used from both sides safely even on sensitive varnished or wooden surfaces. It weighs only 1 pound and 11 ounces and measures 23 x 12.2 inches, which means your dad can use it as an eating mat, writing blotter, desk mat, and so on.

Type-C UHS-Ii Card Reader Adapter

If your father is a photographer, then consider getting him the Satechi Type-C UHS-Ii Card Reader Adapter. It offers a lightning-fast data transfer speed (312 MB/s) that will allow your dad to transfer his photos in record time.

The overall form factor of the Micro SD card reader is compact and slim. It means your dad will find it extremely easy to pack it in his bag while going out to capture photos. 

It’s compatible with a vast array of devices including MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPad Pro, iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook, Google PixelBook Go, Microsoft Surface Laptop, Chromebook, HP Spectre, Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro, Razer Blade, and many more USB-C devices.

Water-Resistant Laptop Carrying Case with Pockets

The Water-Resistant Laptop Carrying Case is the best gift for dads who need to travel with their laptops on a daily basis. It comes with a water-resistant and highly-durable nylon fabric and has a fully padded interior. It’ll protect your father’s laptop from outside dust and dirt, scratches, and sudden drops.

Whether your father uses a 13-inch or 15-inch laptop, he’ll be able to use the Satechi Water-Resistant Laptop Carrying Case easily. That’s because it’s available in both 13- and 15-inch sizes and both are backed by the Satechi’s one-year limited warranty.

Dual Smart Outlet

The Satechi Dual Smart Outlet is the best gift for dads who are smart home enthusiasts. It’s a simple yet intelligent device that can make ordinary lighting, appliances, and other electronic devices smart. It means your dad will be able to control the ordinary devices installed in his home using his smartphone.

The most notable feature of this product is that it works with Apple HomeKit seamlessly and also supports Siri voice commands. The best thing about the Satechi Dual Smart Outlet is that it can be used to control two different appliances simultaneously.

Your father will only need to download and install the native Apple Home app or Satechi Home App on his smartphone from the App Store and start using the outlet over any 2.4Ghz network.

DOCK5 Multi-Device Charging Station

If you think your dad needs something to organize his devices, there is no better gift than the DOCK5 Charging Station for him. It will allow your father to keep his devices managed properly by creating his personal modern charging space. Whether your dad works from home or goes to the office, this charging station will serve him well.

The DOCK5 Multi-Device Charging Station features Qi wireless charging pad with up to 10-watt, two USB-A ports with up to 12-watt, and two USB Type-C power delivery ports with up to 20-watt. It means your dad will be able to use this charging station to charge up to five different devices simultaneously. There are five different silicon dividers available on top of the charger to protect devices by keeping them from touching one another.

There is a very long list of devices that the Satechi DOCK5 Charging Station supports. It includes iPad Pro, iPad Air, Microsoft Surface Go/Pro 7, Google PixelBook Go, all 11, 12, and 13 iPhone models, all Samsung Galaxy S20/S10 models, AirPods 2, AirPods Pro, tablets, handheld gaming devices, and e-readers.

Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard

The last device on our list is the Satechi Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard and it makes for a great gift for a father who uses a computer regularly. It’s a Bluetooth keyboard which means your dad won’t need to go through the hassle of managing a long cable. It features scissor-switch keys along with an extended keyboard layout to offer optimal functionality.

Additionally, it has a sleek and attractive design that will improve the overall look of your dad’s computer setup. The keyboard supports a 3.0 Bluetooth connection for faster speed and allows the user to connect up to three different devices simultaneously. One of the best features of this keyboard is its long battery life which can keep the keyboard alive for up to 80 working hours or 100 days on standby.

The Satechi Aluminum Bluetooth Keyboard supports iMac, iMac Pro, iMac Mini, MacBook Pro (2016 or later models), MacBook Air 2018/2020, MacBook, iPad Pro 2018/2020, iPad 2019, and iPhones (8 or later models).

Final Words

These are some of the best Father’s Day gifts that you can buy for your dad this year. We hope this guide will help you choose the best gift that your father will love the most. Not only will it make your bond with your father stronger but it’ll also allow you to express that you have the best dad in the world.

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