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Jan '21

Desk Cable Management: Tips and Tricks

Whether you’re working from home or still able to go into the office every so often, you’re probably dealing with a lot of messy cables. Office desk cable management is challenging. You know what some do, less sure about what others do (but can’t risk throwing them away!), and overall it’s just a bit of a mess. 

We all know desk cable organization is essential for productivity. A chaotic workspace doesn’t exactly feel welcoming, making you less likely to be excited about working. But it’s hard to find the right solution to clean it all up and get organized. We’ve rounded up some desk cable management tips to help you get organized and get in control of all those cables! Here’s how:

Switch to wireless charging and accessories

One of the most effective desk cable management methods is to go completely wireless, if we’re honest. Office desk cable management becomes significantly more straightforward. You’ll only need one cable for the wireless charger, rather than trying to manage multiple cables. There are a couple of options if you’re looking for ideas on desk cable organization and getting your office desk to look super sleek and clean:

Trio Wireless Charging Pad

 One of the best things about the Trio Wireless Charging Pad is that it’s multipurpose. You’re easily able to charge your Qi-enabled smartphone, Apple Watch, and AirPods Pro simultaneously. This is one of the best desk cable management options because it’s functional, sleek, and makes a great addition to your desk without adding a bunch of messy charging cables to your desk.

Another way to reduce cables is to go wireless with your peripheral accessories. For example, you can get Bluetooth devices such as a wireless mouse and wireless keyboard to reduce some of the mess on your desk and help you go cable-free for the most part. Because the devices only need a cable for charging, you can largely eliminate the need to have cables on your desk itself. If you’re looking to make your office desk sleek, modern, and minimal, wireless devices are definitely the way to go. 

Use a charging dock

Chargers are probably the biggest culprit of messy desks, so finding an effective charging solution is key for office desk cable management. Instead of trying to wrangle all your chargers together, using a charging dock can help you simplify and streamline. You can charge anywhere from 5 to 7 devices simultaneously, and having all your devices docked in one place makes it far easier to keep track of cables.

Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station Dock with Type-C Ports

The Satechi Dock5 Multi-Device Charging Station is one of the best solutions for desk cable management since it can simultaneously charge so many devices. Featuring both Type-C and Type-A ports, you’ll be able to clean up your desk and charge in a more efficient (and tidy!) way with this incredibly handy charging station. With room for larger devices like tablets and smartphones, this is one of the best solutions for office desk cable management. 

Under the desk organizers and velcroing cables together

One of the simpler ways to organize your desk is to get an under the desk organizer that will store all your cables. Rather than having everything spread out on the desk, you’ll easily be able to keep all your cables underneath the desk, so it eliminates the visible desk. 

You can also velcro related cables together to make it a bit easier to find and sort wires. This is a desk cable management tip that comes up pretty often because it’s simple to implement. While it does somewhat help with organization, it can often get complicated if you have many different kinds of cables, and it doesn’t end up being all that efficient. Also, bear in mind that velcro strips catch dust more often, which reduces their stickiness and therefore become less effective in holding together cables. 

While under the desk cable management has become more popular, the problem with this solution tends to be that it doesn’t solve the mess itself. It’ll give you a place to store the cables, but it’s not necessarily practical if you’re looking for desk cable organization. Velcroing cables might temporarily mitigate the issue, but it’s all too easy to get tangled up in wires again, so this solution is best avoided.

Use multiport devices

Multiport adapters are also a good option for reducing a mess of cables without actually giving up the cables. This is a better option if you’d like to keep all your cables neat and tidy but still be able to use devices with USB-C connectors, HDMI ports, and micro and SD cards.



Slim Type-C Multi-Port Adapter V2

The Satechi Type-C Multi-Port Adapter is one of the best desk cable management options because it offers efficient power management, fast charging speeds, and crisp and clear displays for HDMI-enabled monitors. The Multi-Port Adapter features USB-C power delivery, dual card readers for micro and SD cards, and of course, HDMI cables. 

This is an excellent desk cable management tip because it makes your current cable situation far more organized. If you’re trying to keep track of all your different cables, multi-port adapters are an effective solution. You’ll keep everything organized and enjoy benefits like fast charging speeds and quick transfers, so it’s a win-win.

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