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Jul '18

Must Haves For Your iMac Pro Setup

SAN DIEGO - (February 7, 2018 )- What comes with the release of Apple's new iMac Pro, is the need for a new, fresh setup. We've got the items you need to spice up your work station, giving your iMac Pro the right accessories to enhance its functionality and style.

Type-C Clamp Hub Pro

The Satechi Clamp Hub Pro is a necessity for your iMac or iMac Pro. Everyone knows the struggle of reaching behind your iMac/ iMac Pro to find the ports you need. We have solved this problem for you. Simply attach the Satechi hub to the bottom of your iMac or iMac Pro (connected via Type-C), and you've got port usage right at your finger tips. Offering three USB 3.0 ports with up to 5Gb/s allowing speedy data transfer, one data only USB-C port, and a Micro/SD card reader, you'll have everything you need for work, projects, school, etc.

Aluminum Monitor Stand

One of our favorites, the Satechi Monitor Stand will elevate your iMac Pro, bringing the focus of your desk setup right to it. With a piece as beautiful as the iMac Pro, the accessories surrounding it must be minimal with clean lines to keep your setup sleek with a non cluttered feel. Our Monitor Stand offers just that, its design will accent your iMac Pro effortlessly with a modern finish.

Aluminum Mouse Pad

Much like our Monitor Stand, the Satechi Mouse Pad offers a clean, minimal design allowing the focus of your setup to remain on the iMac Pro. Offered in both silver and Space Gray, the Mouse Pad will seamlessly blend in with your setup. Its modern aesthetic will allow you to maintain a minimal, stylish setup for your iMac Pro.

Aluminum Wireless Charger

If you've upgraded to the iMac Pro, odds are you're taking advantage of wireless charging. Our Wireless Charger is a necessity, who doesn't have their smartphone in the office or at their work station? Simply throw your device on the pad and you're good to go, charge away! Designed with a gloss finish and aluminum base, the charger will fit right in with your setup.

Aluminum USB 3.0 Headphone Stand

Our Headphone Stand is a great add on to your setup because of its dual purpose. Not only does the stand offer headphone storage, but three USB ports as well. Its minimal design allows for a clean set up- no need to have extra hubs lying around. This addition will help you stay efficient while keeping your setup polished and stylish.

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