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Oct '17

Satechi Introduces: Aluminum Wireless Remote Control

SAN DIEGO- (October 24, 2017) - Satechi, a brand known for blending form and function to create useful desktop solutions, introduces the new Aluminum Wireless Remote Control. Offering two different modes, Media and Presentation, the Wireless Remote allows users to control music, movies, videos and presentations, all from one device. This remote allows consumers the luxury of controlling devices from a distance for up to 45 hours on a single charge.

When set to Media Mode, Satechi's Bluetooth Remote controls all media functions including pause/ play, volume/ mute, accessing the Home button, and moving from one track to another. Control media at your fingertips anyway you like, at any distance up to 33 feet away.

In Presentation Mode, the Wireless Remote Control allows consumers to present in any setting. Weather it be a presentation for work, school, or play the Satechi Remote is ideal. It's ability to control slides within Keynote and PowerPoint from a distance, allows presenters to move around the room- engaging audiences. The Wireless Remote's ability to pair easily with devices such as the iPhone, iPad Pro, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S8, MacBook Pro/Air, iMac, Mac Mini, and more, allows simple usage for a variety of consumers.

With a compact design, users can conveniently have the Satechi Remote on the go. This Remote is offered in three sleek colors- Silver, Space Gray, and Gold.

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