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Sep '17

Satechi's Vertical Laptop Stand: Solution to a Cluttered Desk

SAN DIEGO- (September 18, 2017)- Satechi, a brand known for blending form and function to create useful desktop solutions, introduces the Universal Vertical Aluminum Laptop Stand. This product effortlessly provides organization and space to your office or work area while adding a stylish touch to your desk.

Satechi's Vertical Stand allows you to keep your laptop nearby without negatively impacting your work flow. No need to find a place to store your laptop near by in order to have ample space to work on other projects; simply place your laptop in the slim, space saving Vertical Stand and you're good to go! Once in the stand, your laptop is elevated- safe from potential coffee or water spills during a hectic work day.


The sleek design of Satechi's Vertical Laptop Stand provides universal compatibility. With one purchase and one stand, you are able to use a variety of laptops with differing thickness and size. The Vertical Stand adjusts to the width of any laptop 1/2"- 1 1/4" with its convenient resizing nob located on the front side of the stand. 

Aside from maximizing desk space and universal compatibility, the Vertical Stand is designed with laptop port exposure allowing you to connect to a monitor or charge your device while in the stand. With its velvet coding on the interior of the stand, your laptop will never be prone to scrapes or scratches. Its compact design allows you to have the stand on the go. Whether is a business trip or family vacation, the Vertical Stand allows you to get work done anywhere at any time.

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