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Feb '21

Why Is Aluminum Alloy of Choice For Both Apple and Satechi

When we think about technology, a lot of the focus is on what it does, how fast it performs, capabilities. And while all those elements are essential, we never really talk about the materials used to make our favorite device. Aluminum is one of the primary materials used in tech and across different industries such as construction, transport, and consumer goods. 

However, in technology, aluminum is one of the most prominent materials used. Whether it's smartphones or peripheral accessories, it's clear that aluminum has many benefits that make it a solid choice. 

How often do we consider why Apple uses aluminum, or what are the benefits of aluminum? At Satechi, like Apple, we use this versatile metal for our products for various reasons. Whether it's peripheral accessories for desktops and laptops such as our Slim X1 Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard or workspace additions such as our stands and docks, there are many benefits to using aluminum. 

Why does Apple use aluminum?

When it comes to sheer versatility, aluminum is hard to beat. This is why so many computer parts are made from aluminum. It is also why Apple products use so much of this material. The main reason aluminum is used for tech products is that it is lightweight yet strong - a great combo for products used a lot in everyday life. Aluminum is also resistant to corrosion, which is also a crucial factor when creating tech products. 

We're always on the lookout for strong materials that can withstand heavy usage because that's ultimately a mark of quality. Durable products need to be made of strong and malleable materials to be formed into different structures and shapes, and they cannot get rusty or corrode over time.  

For example, Satechi's Aluminum Desktop Stand for iPad is an excellent representation of aluminum's malleability and durability. This stand has a sleek design that elevates mobile devices and tablets to create the best possible viewing experience. 

It is constructed with solid aluminum and finished with rubber to prevent scratches and slipping. Its functional, ergonomic design ensures that you can adjust the stand as needed to get the right height and angle for your needs and minimize the risk of neck strain.  

As companies seek to create innovative products without driving up prices for consumers, aluminum has become increasingly popular. This is why Apple uses aluminum for its products because it is one of the few metals that fit these different criteria. 

What are the benefits of using aluminum? 

We've already highlighted some of the key benefits of using aluminum, such as its strength and weight.  

But there are other reasons why aluminum is a great choice is because there are also environmental benefits of recycling aluminum. It's cheaper to craft and fabricate than steel, which is a crucial benefit that helps keep prices stable for aluminum products.  

Aluminum is supposed to be 100% recyclable without losing its natural properties, which is a massive plus point considering the amount of aluminum needed to create new products.  

It also takes 5% of the energy to recycle scrap aluminum compared to what is needed to create new aluminum, making recycling a much more feasible option. 

The environmental factors and the natural properties of aluminum make it the right choice for both Apple and Satechi products. Because aluminum is so lightweight, it reduces the overall weight of the product itself, thereby lowering the products' overall energy consumption.  

There are many environmental benefits associated with using the material, which makes it a natural choice. Plus, its strength and malleability ensure that tech product manufacturers can use it across a diverse array of products.

Because of these many benefits, Apple uses this metal for computer aluminum parts and other devices.  

Similarly, at Satechi, we see how versatile aluminum is in both use and aesthetic appeal, making it a natural choice for our products. Products like our Aluminum 2-in-1 Magnetic Wireless Charging Stand reflect the many ways aluminum can be used to create great products that are durable and high-quality. 

You can use the stand to effortlessly charge and dock your iPhone & AirPods for a hands-free experience that's convenient and functional. It's a fantastic addition to a workspace without taking up too much space and is incredibly useful. 

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