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Dec '17

Charging Speed Comparisons: Find What Works Best For You

SAN DIEGO- (December 13, 2017)- With the release of the new iPhone 8/ Plus and iPhone X, there is nonstop talk about wireless charging, fast charging/ quick charging, etc. There has never been a time where society has had more charging options at hand for its devices. Let's take a look at the options available, and see how they compare in speed.

The chart below illustrates the difference in charging speeds when paired with the iPhone 8 Plus.

 5W Wireless Charging/ 7.5W Wireless Charging

5W and 7.5W wireless charging do not vary too much in power over time. Which is something to keep in mind when deciding which charging device would be preferred. As seen in the chart above, in a half an hour both 5W and 7.5W will result in the same power of 10%. At the end of two hours, the 7.5W wireless charger results in quicker speed at 47% power versus the 5W wireless charger at 40%.

Our Satechi Wireless Charger is a great option for 5W charging. Now compatible with the new iPhone 8/ Plus and iPhone X, the charger will keep a variety of smart phones powered up.

The new Satechi Multi-port Travel Charger supports 7.5W charging on the go. It's compact size and four port design allows easy usage and up to 4 powered devices. Enjoy access to a USB-C PD port (up to 60W), 2 USB charging ports and a Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 port; compatible with most USB-A and USB-C devices, including MacBook/MacBook Pro (up to 60W), iPad Pro/Air/Mini, iPhone X/8 Plus/8/7 Plus/7/6 Plus/6, Nintendo Switch, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, S8/S7/S6 and more.

30W PD Charging

 This is where the real difference in speed comes in. Unlike the 5W and 7.5W wireless chargers, the 29W charger reaches full charge at the end of two hours- gaining full power in half the time. Your device will hit 43% after just 30 minutes. Note that you must use a Type C MFi cable in order to take advantage of PD charging. Not all devices support PD charging- those that do include the iPhone X, 8/ 8 Plus, and the iPad Pro.

Our USB-C Car Charger Adapter with Type-C Fast Charge is a great option for PD charging. Your device will hit 50% in just 30 minutes during your commute, when using its fast charging capability. The charger supports USB-A devices and most Type-C devices including, iPhone X/8 Plus/8/7 Plus/7/6 Plus/6S/6/5, LG G5/Lumia 950xl /950, iPad Pro/Mini/Air, 12 Inch MacBook, Google Chromebook Pixel, Nokia N1 Tablet, Samsung S8, Nintendo Switch etc.

iPhone MFi Cable

Not quite ready to jump on the wireless charging train? No worries there, because the classic iPhone cable will be powered up to 79% after two hours. Not too bad compared to the Apple PD 29W charger. If the cable isn't a problem for you, then this is a great option.

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